About Ocean Breath

Founded in 2019, Ocean Breath is a band from all over the Netherlands which is born out of a plethora of heavy music varieties, but intends to reach beyond what metal music usually entails. The progressive songs are of a grand scale and take listeners on a voyage that builds up and transforms constantly. In doing so, even only one song is a journey of many emotions, which the band takes the listeners through.

Similarly, the lyrics explore topics of shared human experiences and what they can mean to us, such as truth, rebirth, the changing world and how differing perspectives on these things can change our lives. The band draws inspiration from bands such as Haken, Beyond Creation and Between the Buried and Me

Wout van Hulst, drummer
Thomas Schijff, guitarist
Vincent Wilk, singer
Niels van Heteren, bassist
Lesra de Vries, guitarist

Band photos taken by Seth Abrikoos.

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